8 mei 2017
It’s fresh, exciting!premium
Recently we built our own urban greenhouse in our backyard. Why? It makes you really zen! It’s warm, silent, non-digital and its smells like a farm. An excellent break during busy days. I hear you thinking….what are they farming in this greenhouse?! No worries, just innocent lettuce, tomatoes, carrots etc. At the moment we are in episode 3 (season 1). […]
27 maart 2017
Is Porter right about what matters most to patients?premium
Yes he is! But do patients know? This is what we learned from Michael Porter and the Value Based Health Care principle. For years, our mission has been to push the boundaries of marketing and communication to help drive change and create perspective. Working in health care during the past years has made the importance […]
17 maart 2017
The members’ perception is your reality!premium
What if you are a membership organization in a market with heavy competition. You offer the same products and services to make your members’ lives easier. What makes you stand out from the crowd? We believe you can empower your members, by truly listening to their needs. You will notice that whatever the type of […]
The power of the word WHYpremium
Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What is your purpose? What do you believe? We asked these questions during a creative session with the Sales team of a Dutch energy company. Inspired by the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek (watch his tED talk on YouTube, he will change your life!), this […]
When VDF VAT specialists asked us three years ago to digitize their bulky VAT handbook and to market their services online, we knew we were doing something innovative. There was no comparable alternative and we wanted to take advantage of the opportunities for online self-service. Meanwhile BTW-PLAZA.nl has 7,000 members and it is time to […]
As a result of the success of the ICD App, we are happy to share with you the launch of the Pump App! This app is meant for people with Type 1 diabetes that want to know more about insulin pump therapy. The app features a handbook, news and also the getting started guides for […]