Kaess develops knowledge concept for people with hereditary heart disease premium
When someone has been diagnosed with a hereditary heart disease, he/she and family members may also be affected. To find out, they can have genetic tests done. The developed knowledge concept helps people with hereditary heart disease and their loved ones to get answers on questions about genetic testing. Check out the questions and answers […]
28 april 2020
KAESS starts the development of the eCG Family Clinic premium
Together with the UMC Utrecht, KAESS is developing an online clinic for earlier detection and better treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Family members of people with hereditary cardiovascular diseases can gain easy access to genetic tests and information about these tests through this clinic. The eCG Family Clinic for Hereditary Heart Diseases is one of six […]
17 januari 2020
Moving forward in health data exchange premium
Technological acceleration for data exchange in healthcare is crucial for the future of the Dutch healthcare system. Therefore, the Dutch government together with VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland has established a special taskforce called Samen Vooruit (Further Together).  The assignment of the taskforce ties in with the major social challenges in the care sector and the direction […]
16 januari 2020
Animation video for patients and health care professionals premium
We regulary create animated videos to explain in simple terms how new technology works. For patients and health care professionals. Always a nice addition to (printed) brochures and digital presentations.
11 januari 2020
KAESS is co-developer of the eCG Family Clinic premium
We are proud to announce that we will be involved in the development of the ‘eCG Family Clinic’ in the coming years. Together with the UMC Utrecht, we will develop an online outpatient clinic in order to detect cardiovascular diseases earlier and treat them better. At the so-called ‘eCG Family Clinic’ family members of people with hereditary cardiovascular […]
10 januari 2020
A visit to the Visma offices premium
Hole in one…that’s how we ended the video for Visma Software. Thanks to the creativity and flexibility of the Visma team we were able to shoot this introduction video in just one morning. The result is a personal and sincere video message of a dedicated team. Watch the video here.