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11 januari 2020
KAESS is co-developer of the eCG Family Clinic premium
We are proud to announce that we will be involved in the development of the ‘eCG Family Clinic’ in the coming years. Together with the UMC Utrecht, we will develop an online outpatient clinic in order to detect cardiovascular diseases earlier and treat them better. At the so-called ‘eCG Family Clinic’ family members of people with hereditary cardiovascular […]
8 januari 2020
To print or not to print… premium
We currently work on both a print and online version of Accountantsmagazine. Qualitative and quantitative research will give us insights in with which medium we will move forward. What works best in terms of interaction and what is most appreciated by the target audience? To be continued… Read the online version of Accountantsmagazine here. Read […]
8 mei 2017
It’s fresh, exciting! premium
Recently we built our own urban greenhouse in our backyard. Why? It makes you really zen! It’s warm, silent, non-digital and its smells like a farm. An excellent break during busy days. I hear you thinking….what are they farming in this greenhouse?! No worries, just innocent lettuce, tomatoes, carrots etc. At the moment we are in episode 3 (season 1). […]
15 februari 2016
App shoppers the most enthusiastic and biggest spenders cross platform data reveals premium
Data from across desktop, mobile web and app data – including two million iOS and Android app sessions that took place throughout Q4 of 2015 – reveals that app users are the most enthusiastic online shoppers, with the average person shopping from an app generating 2.6 times more revenue for a retailer than someone shopping […]
15 oktober 2015
CONTACT premium
Get in touch! What would you like to know more about the work we’ve done? Contact us directly! We’d rather get to know you personally. Our best performances are based on great relationships with the people we work with. It could be the first step towards making an appointment for a meeting in person. Office […]