KAESS starts the development of the eCG Family Clinic premium
Together with the UMC Utrecht, KAESS is developing an online clinic for earlier detection and better treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Family members of people with hereditary cardiovascular diseases can gain easy access to genetic tests and information about these tests through this clinic. The eCG Family Clinic for Hereditary Heart Diseases is one of six […]
KAESS is co-developer of the eCG Family Clinic premium
We are proud to announce that we will be involved in the development of the ‘eCG Family Clinic’ in the coming years. Together with the UMC Utrecht, we will develop an online outpatient clinic in order to detect cardiovascular diseases earlier and treat them better. At the so-called ‘eCG Family Clinic’ family members of people with hereditary cardiovascular […]
Living with a chronic disease premium
We regularly make video portraits of people who live with a medical device. It helps them to live a better life. With their story they inspire others who find themselves in a comparable situation, but it also gives a wider audience insights in and a better understanding of what living with a chronic condition, like for instance diabetes means. Not only […]
Small device, great story premium
We added another video interview to a series of seven that tells the story of people that benefit from a medical device or therapy (patient testimonials). This time, Ingrid shares her experience with a continuous heart monitor that makes her feel more secure and at ease in living her daily life. Small device, huge impact. […]
New service desk for SME-accountants premium
The world of SME-accountants is changing and Novak (service organization) wanted to optimize their offering to be able to keep servicing this target group as best as possible. We created a strategic concept to service SME-accountants in a fast and easy way.  As part of this new concept we launched a new website that displays […]
Trust the team to trust yourself premium
Gaining back the confidence to live a normal life…Donja shared with us here experiences with the treatment and support she receives from diabetes clinic Diabeter. Living with type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 challenge. Being able to trust the team at Diabeter gave Donja the confidence that she can take on this challenge, managing her […]
“Gewoon lekker crossen” premium
Recently we realized 6 video interviews with people that benefit from a medical device or therapy (patient testimonials). They share their honest experience with living with a specific disease and the device or therapy that helps them improve their quality of life. Be inspired by for instance BMX-champion Tatum (type 1 diabetes): “Gewoon lekker crossen” […]
16 december 2017
Empowering the world of SME-accountants premium
          The last few months we have worked hard with our dedicated team on a special event: The day of the SME accountant 2017. From scratch we developed the concept and organized this annually recurring SME-accountants event. Yesterday it was showtime! More than 400 SME-accountants, keynote speakers and exhibitors came together […]
Taking care of someone else, means taking care of yourself premium
The confrontation with a serious disease is often as impactful for partners, family members and friends as for the patient himself. The initiative Naasten in Beeld offers recognition and support. But also practical information to help deal with worries and uncertainties a person might have when living with someone who is chronically ill. Together with […]
8 mei 2017
It’s fresh, exciting! premium
Recently we built our own urban greenhouse in our backyard. Why? It makes you really zen! It’s warm, silent, non-digital and its smells like a farm. An excellent break during busy days. I hear you thinking….what are they farming in this greenhouse?! No worries, just innocent lettuce, tomatoes, carrots etc. At the moment we are in episode 3 (season 1). […]
27 maart 2017
Is Porter right about what matters most to patients? premium
Yes he is! But do patients know? This is what we learned from Michael Porter and the Value Based Health Care principle. For years, our mission has been to push the boundaries of marketing and communication to help drive change and create perspective. Working in health care during the past years has made the importance […]
11 augustus 2016
Powers of 10 premium
We recently spotted a poster from the NEMO science museum, promoting their new exhibition Energetica. It not only caught our eye for its simple beauty (new identity of NEMO was recently designed by Studio Dumbar), but also reminded us of a very cool video made by the Eames Office in 1977. The poster says “This sun […]