9 januari 2020
Another successful edition of the Day of the SME-accountant premium
In December we organized the successful third edition of the Day of the SME-accountant in Nieuwegein. More than 450 accountants joined each other in a day-long, inspiring event, listening to prominent speakers such as bestselling author and behavioural scientist Ben Tiggelaar, social psychologist Kim Jansen and former State Secretary of Finance Menno Snel. You can watch the […]
16 december 2017
Empowering the world of SME-accountants premium
          The last few months we have worked hard with our dedicated team on a special event: The day of the SME accountant 2017. From scratch we developed the concept and organized this annually recurring SME-accountants event. Yesterday it was showtime! More than 400 SME-accountants, keynote speakers and exhibitors came together […]
The power of the word WHY premium
Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What is your purpose? What do you believe? We asked these questions during a creative session with the Sales team of a Dutch energy company. Inspired by the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek (watch his tED talk on YouTube, he will change your life!), this […]
When VDF VAT specialists asked us three years ago to digitize their bulky VAT handbook and to market their services online, we knew we were doing something innovative. There was no comparable alternative and we wanted to take advantage of the opportunities for online self-service. Meanwhile has 7,000 members and it is time to […]
Why is that? For years, we were fans of cloud computing, but weren’t actually using it ourselves. Finally we made it happen, and loving it even more! Thanks to projects we did for Datamex (“King of the Cloud”) and Mammoet, we were able to create a system for ourselves that allows us to work from anyplace, anytime. The message […]