10 januari 2020
A visit to the Visma offices premium
Hole in one…that’s how we ended the video for Visma Software. Thanks to the creativity and flexibility of the Visma team we were able to shoot this introduction video in just one morning. The result is a personal and sincere video message of a dedicated team. Watch the video here.
The color orange premium
There is no such thing as coincidence…when shooting a video for Novak at the lovely office of Spaargaren accountants, we didn’t need to prep the scene…the color orange in the back window fitted in perfectly with the orange of the Novak design guidelines. Together with the clean and crisp look the office radiates, we managed […]
Trust the team to trust yourself premium
Gaining back the confidence to live a normal life…Donja shared with us here experiences with the treatment and support she receives from her diabetes clinic. Living with type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 challenge. Being able to trust the team at the clinic gave Donja the confidence that she can take on this challenge, managing […]
“Gewoon lekker crossen” premium
Recently we realized 6 video interviews with people that benefit from a medical device or therapy (patient testimonials). They share their honest experience with living with a specific disease and the device or therapy that helps them improve their quality of life. Be inspired by for instance BMX-champion Tatum (type 1 diabetes): “Gewoon lekker crossen” […]
25 december 2015
Capturing patient experiences @LIVE event premium
Video interviews and general impression of information event for people with Type 1 Diabetes in The Netherlands.  
22 november 2015
8 videotrends for 2016: social, vertical & innovating premium
Video was hot over the last years and becoming even hotter in 2016. All marketing trends point to more online video. If you work in a business that deals with online content, video is tremendously powerful. In this interesting article online video trends for 2016 are discussed. KAESS video productions: making a video is first of all great […]
Sustainability, “we all want to do something with it,” but how to make this more specific? Four members of the SHV LEAD 4 Programme asked for our help in creating a personal video about the importance of sustainability. We can write a whole story about how we came up with creative ideas, how much fun we […]